Affordable Alternative to Portable AC for Weddings & Outdoor Events

An Affordable Alternative to Portable AC for Weddings & Outdoor Events

Outdoor Garden Wedding Air Coolers

So when’s the big day? June, July or August you say? How do you plan to keep your guests cool?

If you are planning a summer event, such as a wedding or outdoor party, and the venue does not provide air conditioning, be sure to explore your options. Portable air conditioning is not always in the planning budget. Renting portable air conditioning units to cool an event venue and your guests can cost anywhere from $2,000-$15,000.

If you are looking for something more in your budget that will still provide a comfortable environment for your guests, an Evaporative Cooler or Swamp Cooler may be the best way to go.

Our Port-A-Cool Swamp Cooler can cool up to 600 square feet, making it the perfect accessory for your wedding or outdoor event.

Outdoor Wedding Evaporation Coolers

Weddings & Outdoor Events

Are you throwing a wedding reception at an outdoor restaurant on the patio or in need of cooling down a waiting area? Now you will have cool guests or clients due to the full 360° coverage of the Port-A-Cool Patio Cooler rental units.

This evaporative cooler provides cascades of naturally cooled air right where you need it. With just a 24″ footprint, the tower design of the Portacool Islander Air Cooler takes up much less space than standard fans or industrial air coolers.

For more information on renting evaporative coolers, swamp cooler or renting patio coolers for your next event, please call us at 702.388.4263, or contact us from the website.

So whether your wedding is in Reno, Nevada, outdoor event is in Anaheim, California, need swamp coolers in Los Angeles, California, or need party rentals in Phoenix, Arizona we can be wherever you need us across the United States.

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