AGR Las Vegas Takes Amusement Rentals to Next Level by Catering to Tony Events

By Marcus Webb
Excerpt from: Vending Times: Vol. 45 No. 2, Feb 2008

Las Vegas – The amusement rentals business is no longer a low-rent niche of the coin-operated music and games industry. At least, not as practiced by Amusement Game Rentals (AGR Las Vegas).

Most operators are familiar with the low end of the rentals sector, which typically focuses on backyard birthday parties and high school fundraisers. But relatively few operators realize that the top end of this business caters to some of the swankiest private parties and brand-name corporate events in America – with levels of presentation and ROI that far exceed anything most operators ever imagined.

So how does AGR Las Vegas takes Amusement Rentals to next level by catering to Tony Events? The AGR Las Vegas team recently loaded up a couple of deluxe trailers and drove them to Phoenix to provide entertainment for a glitzy GoDaddy corporate party. GoDaddy is a high-profile Internet domain registrar and Web hosting company that also sells e-business-related software and services. The marketing-savvy firm has one of the coolest corporate images this side of Apple, bolstered by its Gen-Y attitude, creative online marketing, sexy and attention-getting Super Bowl TV ads and party-hearty ethos.

AGR Las Vegas strives to provide entertainment that is just as cutting-edge – and upscale – as its clients’ businesses. To cite one example, AGR Las Vegas charges a few thousand dollars for a one-day rental of Global VR’s NASCAR Racing game, installed in a real, full-size automobile chassis. They rigged up a mirror-projection system that reflects game images from a monitor hidden under the hood, along with the game’s PCB. From the driver’s point of view, the computer-generated graphics show up on the front windshield, replicating the NASCAR experience.

For a little bit more, AGR Las Vegas will add the client’s corporate logos to the car. This unique, ultra-deluxe presentation is typical of the creative marketing and showmanship practiced by the AGR Las Vegas team. Imaginative upgrades of football video-games rent for over a thousand dollars a day. A pool table with customized felt, displaying a client’s choice of image, rents for almost two thousand a day – and AGR Las Vegas’ customers happily pay for it.

These are the fees for one game for one night. When a client rents a whole suite of games, the company sometimes earns as much as $65,000 for a single night’s business. A national tour for a world-famous telephone service provider billed at $107,000 in 30 days (the client requested confidentiality). AGR Las Vegas provided rentals for 18 associated events on both coasts simultaneously during the month-long tour.

ROI in this range adds up quickly when you’re servicing 500 events each year. Founded here in 2001, AGR Las Vegas doubled its revenues annually in its first three years. In 2007, revenues grew another 50% beyond 2006 earnings, reaching into seven figures. Bookings for 2008 are already indicating another record-breaking year.

AGR Las Vegas is raising entertainment standards for the rentals business. The team works hard to provide creative, innovative and never-before-seen attractions, often creating specialized equipment for one-of-a-kind clients and events.

For example, AGR Las Vegas mounted a used snowmobile chassis on a mechanical bull motion base for the debut of extreme snow-mobiling at a major sporting event (again, the client’s name is confidential).

For a charity event to benefit the American Heart Association, AGR Las Vegas designed attractions to appeal to the art-savvy “society” patrons who typically support such philanthropic causes. Pool tables supplied by the vendor featured specialized felts decorated with reproductions of masterpieces by Van Gough and Margritte.

Many rental operators provide photo booths to parties. AGR Las Vegas created its own variation of the concept, with a choice of 16 digital filters that offer hilariously distorted versions of the patron’s faces, plus and Internet component for image sharing and saving.

For NASCAR-themed parties, AGR Las Vegas brings not only souped-up video simulators, but also a beat-the-clock, pit crew tire-changing game that AGR Las Vegas invented.

Approximately 80% of AGR Las Vegas’ business currently occurs in its home base of Las Vegas, which remains America’s most popular convention city. Clients include prestigious casinos and resorts such as the Mirage and several other well-known facilities. AGR Las Vegas is always looking for quality companies to refer small events to throughout the U.S.

In addition, the company provides rentals from Orlando, FL to Los Angeles, CA and all points in between. The Las Vegas warehouse stores over $1.2 million in inventory, including dozens of drivers of a single brand. Row after row of top-rated video simulators, gaming equipment and other amusement pieces are stored on steel shelving that reaches 25 ft. high.

Equipment is delivered using a fleet of box van trucks or a truck and trailer depending on whether there is a loading dock or the venue is at ground level.

In Vegas itself, AGR Las Vegas also employs a pool of more than 100 professional casino dealers. These gaming experts cheerfully moon-light to deal blackjack, craps, poker or baccarat at AGR Las Vegas’ high-roller casino tables, which are offered for private parties right alongside the amusement equipment.

AGR Las Vegas offers a range of themed parties and matching themed equipment. For golf parties, the vendor provides plenty of video-games and ultra-deluxe skill games. “Rat Pack” themed parties feature deluxe blackjack and roulette tables and pool tables of Sinatra, Martin, Davis and their pals. NASCAR remains the most popular theme.

Nationwide estimates are that fewer than 50 operators specialize in amusement rentals in this league, with perhaps two or three notable ones in each major city. While the niche is obviously lucrative for those who can compete at this level, it’s also challenging.

One operator recently stated, “We occasionally find that we have to remind some of the professional party planners who deal with the wealthy individuals and high-profile corporations that these clients don’t want the cheapest – they want the best. They want to be dazzled. They want to have their socks knocked off. If you can do that, with reliability, integrity and a bit of imagination and innovation, you can be a success in the amusement rentals business.”

AGR Las Vegas is one of the largest special event, party and game rental source on the West Coast.

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Corporate Special Events, Company Picnic Game rentals, Hospitality Suite rentals, Grad Night Productions, Wedding Rentals or any exciting function, we have your event covered.

The Staff at AGR Las Vegas, are all amusement and event game enthusiasts who would love to help you find just the right amusement game rental for your event. Please call us at (702) 388-4263 if we can answer any additional questions, or to book your next event today!

So whether your amusement game rentals are in Santa Fe, New Mexico, need event rentals in Dallas, Texas, Casino Nights in Los Angeles, California, have a hospitality suite in Las Vegas, Nevada or need trade show rentals in Phoenix, Arizona we can be wherever you need us across the United States.

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