Lip Smacking Foodie Tours

Lip Smacking Foodie Tours

Lip Smacking Foodie Tours hosts award winning food tours in Las Vegas with visits of up to 5 of the top restaurants on the Strip or Downtown. Their leisure guests and corporate groups consistently state their Lip Smacking Foodie Tour is “the best thing they have done in Las Vegas” and we are confident visitors know we have great restaurants but are unaware they can experience many of them in the same night.

Their guests are always treated as VIP’s with immediate seating, 3-4 signature dishes at every restaurant and a guided walking tour between stops packed with insider information on Las Vegas and the sights along the way.

With hundreds of restaurants to choose from in this city that never sleeps, they don’t believe that visitors should have to roll the dice to find one that satisfies. Lip Smacking Foodie Tours revolutionized a way to enjoy the best dishes at several acclaimed restaurants – all in one afternoon or evening – without the hassle of reservations or waiting in line.

This pulsating city can be overwhelming for first-time visitors, whether they’re here for business or pleasure. Their expert guides lead you on a culinary adventure, past iconic landmarks, to the most acclaimed restaurants to enjoy expedited seating and service as you indulge in signature dishes prepared by award-winning chefs.

Tour Highlights:

•    Up to 5 of Vegas’ most highly acclaimed restaurants in 1 night.
•    The most-buzzed about signature dishes prepared by award-winning chefs.
•    VIP seating and VIP service.
•    Each stop is a different, unique dining adventure designed for the ultimate in fun and interaction.
•    A personal guide armed with insider knowledge, insightful tips and the best photo opportunities.

Lip Smacking Foodie Tours Photos and Videos:

Lip Smacking Foodie Tours:

•    “Afternoon Culinary Adventures’’:  A 2 ½-hour casual, afternoon stroll of eating and exploring allows plenty of time for other things that evening. It includes 4 stops that are sure to satisfy each and every palate. Price is $125 per person (includes guide, 12+ signature dishes, and gratuities).

•    “Savors of The Strip”: A 3-hour glamorous evening extravaganza that is a show in and of itself as you get whisked inside the exclusive doors of 5 of Vegas’ most dynamic restaurants to enjoy adventurous and luxurious fare. Price is $199 per person (includes guide, 15+ signature dishes, and gratuities).

•    ”Downtown Lip Smacking Tour’’:  Get to know Vegas’ revitalized downtown bustling with spirit and spunk. This lively, informative outing is 2 ½ hours of eating and exploring at downtown’s most magnetic, chef-driven restaurants that are all about farm-to-table, seasonally-focused, artisan-crafted fare. Designed for those who want to experience a Vegas dining scene that has reinvented itself with an electrifying, modern flourish. Price is $125 per person (includes guide, 12+ signature dishes, beer tasting, and gratuities).

•    “Private & Custom Tours’’: Let them tailor a private tour to your exact needs and schedule. A custom tour is ideal for convention-goers looking for an exclusive group activity. Looking to explore in larger groups with cocktails included? Need to consider special dietary needs such as vegan or gluten-free? This is the tour for you. Price varies, depending upon tour specifics.

Lip Smacking Foodie Tours info

Contact Lip Smacking Foodie Tours: 1-888-681-4388


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