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Now AGR Las Vegas can read your future with Zoltar!

AGR Las Vegas Proudly Introduces The Zoltar Fortune Teller

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Zoltar speaks!

AGR Las Vegas is proud to announce the addition of The Zoltar Fortune Teller to our ever expanding list of great games and amusement devices. While most people think of the movie Big (with Tom Hanks as a boy whose wish is granted by the machine, turning him into an adult), in actuality Zoltar really wasn’t the star. His real name was Zoltan, but the movie changed it to Zoltar, and the name stuck. According to the internet database of video games (visit them at arcade-museum.com) The Zoltar Fortune Teller machines only started limited production in 2007 by the manufacturer, Jotham McCauley.

The Zoltar Fortune Teller we now feature at AGR Las Vegas is a Rolls Royce of these machines. AGR Las Vegas has been working hard to add features to this machine that make it heads above the rest. When you rent The Zoltar Fortune Teller from AGR Las Vegas, not only do you get the classic machine replicated to look as close to the one used in “Big”, we have also upgraded the machine with all the great features:

Remote Voice With Wireless Microphone & Movement 

Now, Zoltar really DOES know all! You can keep your guests in awe when Zoltar begins to speak directly to them, pointing out things that only a real fortune teller would know, thanks to the ability to remotely control Zoltar’s voice and movements remotely. With a remote operator hiding nearby with a view of the machine, Zoltar can speak and respond directly to your guests. Just imagine their delight when Zoltar starts chatting with them or surprising them by responding directly to a question!

Multiple Recordings and Customized Messages

If you don’t want to use a remote operator, The Zoltar Fortune Teller can also be configured to use multiple different voice tracks, and can even be customized to give a distinct message for your event. These vocal recordings can be produced using your own speakers, we can record them for you – or – a very special feature AGR Las Vegas is proud to offer, we can have a voice-over specialist who created the voice of Zoltar record them (additional fee).

Zoltar knows all!

Zoltar knows all!


Custom Printed Fortune Tickets

While listening to The Zoltar Fortune Teller is mesmerizing, it’s the fortune that really counts! Being able to give your guests a take away reminder of the fun they had at your event is sure to keep your company fresh in their minds. The Zoltar Fortune Teller has been modified so that we can offer basic fortune tickets, or they can be fully customized for your company’s event needs.

The tickets are already pre-configured to offer a fortune on one side and The Zoltar Fortune Teller logo on the back. Through an exclusive agreement with our printer, we can offer you the ability to customize either side, or both. We can create custom messages on the tickets, or attach stickers that feature your company’s info and logo, or create something altogether unique.

The Zoltar Fortune Teller at AGR Las Vegas is one of the most unique and configurable fortune teller systems available right now and the possibilities are endless.

The Staff at AGR Las Vegas, are all amusement and event game enthusiasts that would love to help you find just the right amusement game rental for your event. Please call us at 702.388.4263 if we can answer any additional questions, or to book your The Zoltar Fortune Teller rental today!

So whether your amusement game rentals are in Santa Fe, New Mexico, need event rentals in Dallas, Texas, Casino Nights for Los Angeles, California, have a hospitality suite in Las Vegas, Nevada or need trade show rentals in Phoenix, Arizona we can be wherever you need us across the United States.

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