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zoltar fortune teller machine

Now AGR Las Vegas can read your future with Zoltar!

AGR Las Vegas Proudly Introduces The Zoltar Fortune Teller AGR Las Vegas is proud to announce the addition of The Zoltar Fortune Teller to our ever expanding list of great games and amusement devices. While most people think of the movie Big (with Tom Hanks as a boy whose wish is granted by the machine, turning […]

AGR Las Vegas’ Interactive Games & Event Services

Overview With over 23 years in the Interactive Games Event Services Business, including Game Design, and 19 years in the Special Event business, AGR Las Vegas’ Interactive Games & Event Services is constantly pushing the envelope of creativity for interactive attractions for Corporate Events, Mobile Marketing Tours, and Trade Show Traffic Builders. Although we are based […]

AGR Las Vegas Takes Amusement Rentals to Next Level by Catering to Tony Events

By Marcus Webb Excerpt from: Vending Times: Vol. 45 No. 2, Feb 2008 Las Vegas – The amusement rentals business is no longer a low-rent niche of the coin-operated music and games industry. At least, not as practiced by Amusement Game Rentals (AGR Las Vegas). Most operators are familiar with the low end of the […]

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