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Are you searching for the latest innovations for top-of-the-line Video Game Rentals or Sports Bar Theme Games?

AGR Las Vegas has been in the Special Event industry for 20 years and in the Game Business for 24 years. Our knowledge and experience covers both Game Design and Manufacturing for all kinds of video game rentals. Game Design expertise enables us to create extraordinary and unique innovations/attractions that are home only to AGR Las Vegas, which helps make our sports bar theme games one of a kind. Below are a few examples of our creative and innovative thinking.

Top Speed Racing Simulators… An Unbelievable Driving Experience!

All of the Top Speed Racing Simulators feature a realism, enhanced by the 3D view of the track, that will immerse you in a driving experience like no other giving you a true sense of depth and speed.

Heads will turn, when your guests hear the Top Speed Racing Simulators, an exciting form of entertainment to offer to your clients at a variety of events such as corporate parties, birthday parties and launch parties. They are also a great entertainment option for customers of automotive or motorcycle dealerships, tuning shops and motorsports retail outlets.

Any of the Top Speed Racing Simulators are great for team building and the race courses can also be branded with your corporate logo.

Top Speed Racing Simulators
Deluxe Top Speed Racing Simulator
Top Speed Racing Simulator Trailer

 Top Speed Racing Simulator - Deluxe closeup  Top Speed Racing Simulator - In game ad
Top Speed Racing Simulator - Dynamic In-Game Advertising Top Speed Racing Simulator - Trailer - with branding

NASCAR Simulators… The Ultimate Racing Game

Looking for an exhilarating racing game with NASCAR Simulators? We have genuine retired NASCAR race cars that we have converted to unique 2-player thrill ride racing games. Imagine your clients getting behind the wheel of a genuine NASCAR, once raced by a famous racer! Want more? Our custom graphics package, with your client’s logo positioned as the major sponsor of the car, will provide a truly spectacular attraction.

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NEW! NASCAR Linked Racing Game

These are the newest NASCAR themed racing games on the market. You can link up to ten games together, so you and your friends can race. With flat screen monitors and the newest game software, it is always sure to be a big hit.

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Masterpiece Pool Tables

How about your own Pool Table? When called upon to provide upscale entertainment for an art themed, white tie affair, we at AGR Las Vegas went outside the box to create our Masterpiece Pool Table line. Masterpiece works of art are printed directly onto the bed cloth of our unique Pool Tables. Masterpiece Pool Tables do not quite fit your theme? Not a problem! We have 24 matching Pool Tables that will. Of course, all of our pool tables have genuine slate playing surface to make your experience genuine. Want your Logo on the felt of our Pool Tables? AGR Las Vegas offers Corporate Branding that puts your logo on the felt to be seen by all. Our Basketball and Football Pool Tables can be a unique addition for your next sports theme event.

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High-Roller Casino Tables

AGR Las Vegas has raised the standard for Casino Nights with our High Roller Casino tables which are unrivaled in quality and presentation. These tables have oak bases, and oak drink rails just inside the cushioned armrest and they rival genuine Casino tables for presentation. AGR Las Vegas has also added a fun twist by adding Las Vegas related pictures to our betting spots. Each of our tables has various pictures that include Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and more Vegas classics.

Our Casino tables also include professional and instructional dealers and all of the needed accessories. For an exciting twist, upgrade to AGR Las Vegas’ Diva Dealers. Diva Dealers are model quality, professional dealers that both instruct and interact with your guests. Try your luck with a Diva Dealer! At AGR Las Vegas, we encourage Corporate Branding and offer all of our High Roller Casino Tables with your company logo or custom image printed on the felt. Visit our home page to see all the cities we provide with our great products and services, including party rentals for Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, Reno, Phoenix and most other cities across the United States!

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Super Screens

In our quest to take corporate game rentals to the next level, the creative minds at AGR Las Vegas introduced our Super Screen. How do you top a 80″ Plasma or LED TV? With our Super Screen! In true Las Vegas fashion, AGR Las Vegas has modified several of their interactive video games to have giant, almost life-size images for their games. Super Screens offer a great way to draw traffic to your booth or event. Add an AGR Las Vegas Projected Super Screen for larger than life images. From Football to Racing and from Fishing to Golf, we can create an image ten feet wide or even larger. Why decorate a room with basic lights or drapes when you can add an interactive visual on the blank ballroom wall above the game? Super Screens add a striking visual ambiance, as players play a game and spectators watch and cheer on their friends.

Traffic Builders

The Vault Money Booth

Looking for a Money Booth? Give your clients a chance to lose themselves in a tornado of money! We have the nicest and most effective money booths available. As the designers and manufacturers of The Vault Money Booth, we are proud to be the exclusive supplier of The Vault in Las Vegas.

View The Vault Money Booth

Virtual Reality Simulators

Webster Dictionary defines Virtual Reality as: virtual reality n. Abbr. VR A computer simulation of a real or imaginary system that enables a user to perform operations on the simulated system and shows the effects in real time. Until not so long ago, the industry has defined Virtual Reality as futuristic, unfortunately in a seventies sort of way, with questionable reliability. Mobile arcades have also been a common area of criticism, until now! AGR Las Vegas is always on the cutting edge of innovation and creativity and provides only top quality products. AGR Las Vegas defines Virtual Reality as an interactive, immersive, first person simulated experience. We have taken several of today’s sophisticated video simulators and modified them with head-mounted displays, for a totally involved experience. No more just wiggling your wrist! Some of these simulators require your whole body for control. From our Super Ski Simulator to our F-14 Motion Simulator, we are sure you have never experienced Virtual Reality like this!

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AGR Las Vegas is one of the largest special event, party and game rental source in the United States.

Our primary facility is located in Las Vegas, making delivery to Los Angeles particularly convenient and affordable. In fact, we specialize in quick delivery to events scheduled throughout the West and Southwest including:

Phoenix, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Reno, San Diego, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Francisco.

If you’re booking an event on the west coast, contact us today AGR Las Vegas makes it easy!

We offer the widest variety of interactive entertainment including; LED Casino Tables for rent, Arcade Game rentals, Pool Table rentals, Sports Games rentals, Simulator rentals, Carnival Game rentals, Picnic Game rentals, Rock Wall rentals, Photo Booth rentals, Mechanical Bull for rent, Oxygen Bar rentals, Hospitality Area Entertainment rentals and more.

Corporate Special Events, Company Picnic Game rentals, Hospitality Suite rentals, Grad Night Productions, Wedding Rentals or any exciting function, we have your event covered.

All of us at AGR Las Vegas are amusement and event game enthusiasts who would love to help you find just the right amusement game rental for your event. Please call us at 702.388.4263 to answer any additional questions or to book your event!

So whether your amusement game rentals are in Reno, Nevada, need event rentals in Anaheim, California, Arcade Games for rent in Los Angeles, California, or need trade show rentals in Phoenix, Arizona we can be wherever you need us across the United Sates.

Contact AGR Las Vegas today and let the games begin and remember you can always follow us on Facebook!

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