Carnival Games

AGR Las Vegas offers a wide selection of carnival games and midway style games, sure to bring out the kid in all your attendees. Choose from games like The Bean Bag Toss or Cornhole, Cork Shooting Range, Bowler Roller and many more! Some of the games in this category have been played virtually unchanged since the turn of last century. We offer the very same games that generations have enjoyed!

Our carnival games or midways games provide everything you need to have an affordable fun-packed town festival, company picnic, or a successful carnival party fundraiser.

If you’re looking to create extra fun at your next event, Carnival Games and Midway style games are a great way to keep both adults and kids (of all ages) entertained for hours!

Contact us to have us help you provide a carnival game layout or current available packages for you and your guests today.

Carnival & Midway style games from your childhood make all your guests feel like kids again!

What do kids and adults do best? Play! When you rent carnival games for your next event, you’ll hear a sea of cries, including I wanna do that! That’s because carnival games are fun for children of all ages.

Our goal is to always seek to provide the very best in carnival amusement games. So, why not host a company carnival at your next event, with a little help from AGR Las Vegas?

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