Oxygen Bars

Our Oxygen Bars will add a breath of fresh air at your next event, meeting or trade show. Relax, socialize or hold a meeting while receiving a dose of revitalizing oxygen. The Oxygen Bar counter space provides plenty of room for handouts and optional corporate branding.

For Events & Conventions Oxygen Bars create a little oasis for any event, meeting or trade show. The AGR Las Vegas Oxygen Bars are setup for 4 people to sit around a single bar to socialize or hold a meeting while receiving revitalizing oxygen through sanitized disposable nasal tubes and a massage.

Oxygen Bars are great for exhibitors that are trying to Increase Leads & Make Booth Visitors Stay Longer.

Oxygen Bars offer a unique booth promotion for Trade show exhibitors. They gain the attention of trade show attendees and attracts sales lead to your booth.

Pitch your sale to 4-6 leads at once, or use our oxygen bar as a way to occupy a backlog of leads until you finish with your current sale. Either way, people will linger longer in your booth.

Let your guests breath easy with our Oxygen Bars! These great trade show traffic builders will help increase exposure at your next event while making your guests more relaxed and happier! Don’t forget that we can add customized features to any bar to increase your brand exposure. Choose from four (4) or six (6) person versions to fit your needs.

Your special event helps give you the respect and recognition you deserve, especially if you use AGR Las Vegas’ games for corporate events. Let us help you organize an event everyone wants to be a part of. We will keep your clients coming back for more, time and time again.

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