Video Gaming Consoles

Do you have an event, party or a social gathering with a large group of people, and you need to keep them all entertained? Rent video gaming consoles and video games, Nintendo Wii’s, PlayStation units, PS4 consoles and Xbox gaming systems.

AGR Las Vegas carries all the hottest video gaming consoles and gaming systems like Xbox, Playstation and Wii.

Are there exclusive titles you want but don’t want to buy every system? We can provide any of the latest video gaming consoles for you to rent.

For a new console generation, we provide a video game rental service that can supply you with new PS4 and Xbox One games, that let you stay ahead of the competition.

Why Rent Console Systems?

Most hotels in Las Vegas do not offer entertainment for kids and teenagers. Our service will provide a solution to bored offspring, by providing the newest and most up-to-date video game equipment on the market. Great solution to birthday parties, bachelor parties, corporate events and team building.

We will provide a 50-inch LED TV, your desired gaming console (Xbox, PS4, or Wii), controllers, and a variety of games. All that you need to provide is the place to setup in. Setup is as easy using a a light switch, because all you have to do is plug it in and turn it on.

Service is key in the luxury travel industry and AGR Las Vegas truly understands that. We will deliver the fun for your kids and teenagers directly to your hotel room. If corporate travel is in your agenda you may also rent large projectors or TVs from us for that “must impress” business meeting.

We have a long history of providing the cutting edge games to our clients for their events. So contact us if you need video gaming consoles for fundraising, team building, trade shows, corporate entertainment, conferences, black tie dinners, birthday parties, wedding receptions or exhibition contact us today.

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