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Beer Pong

You can’t have a tail gatin’ back yard BBQ shindig without Beer Pong!! Quickly becoming a favorite next to Cornhole, the game of Beer Pong will add another dimension of awesomeness to your party!

Beer Pong rentals are perfect for fundraising, team building, trade shows, corporate entertainment, conferences, black tie dinners, birthday parties, wedding receptions and exhibitions. Beer Pong (Beirut/ruit), is a popular drinking game.

Product Description

With AGR Las Vegas you can rent Beer Pong Tables for fundraising, team building, trade shows, corporate entertainment, conferences, black tie dinners, birthday parties, wedding receptions and exhibitions. Beer Pong (Beirut/ruit), is a popular drinking game.

Our Beer Pong Table rentals are custom tables. We offer custom commercial heavy-duty tables that hold up to heavy use. We stock official regulation Beer Pong Tables, all of which are portable as well durable. The Beer Pong Table(s) come with 3 ping-pong balls and 22 Solo cups.

Beer Pong allows players to put their beer pong expertise to good use with this very popular game. Line up and try to get the ping pong balls into the cups. The first player who lands a ball into all the cups, wins.

Gaming these days is serious business at tailgate parties and all of the game sets AGR Las Vegas are made of high quality materials, they can even include your team’s logo and come with all the accessories you’ll ever need.

Beer Pong Rules and Gameplay

In Beer Pong or Ruit you set up 10 solo cups on each side of a table. Arrange the cups in a pyramid formation, 4 cups, 3 cups, 2 then 1, all of the edges of the cups touching. Fill the cups with any beverage or beer, preferably filling the cups at least half full. Also have two water cups to wash off dirty ping-pong balls. After you are set up, a player from each team can shoot for first shot. After this is won players continue to shoot one team at a time, three ping pong balls into the opposite team’s cups. When one team sinks a ball, the other team drinks the cup that the ball landed in. This process is continued until one team makes all of the other team’s cups.

There are many variations of the game, and other little rules regarding rearranges, bounces, when you pick up cups and so on… depending on whom you are playing with.

What we provide

8-foot Beer Pong Table
22 Solo cups
3 ping-pong balls

What you need to provide

beverage of choice
water for the water cups
2-4 players

Beer pong rentals are perfect for hosting a tournament, fraternity parties, block parties, tailgating, holiday festivities, birthday bashes, game night, work functions and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Beer Pong Table Game Attendants

Go ahead and add our optional attendants to assist your guests and be there during your event to get every person into the fun and help explain how to play!

Our staff is experienced and there to not only set your Beer Pong Table rentals up, but we also have staff that can act as attendants to entertain you and your guests to ensure they have an unforgettable and enjoyable experience at your event, using your Beer Pong Table.

Beer Pong Table Dimensions

24″W x 96″L x 27.5″H  (8′ x 2′ Playing Surface)

Beer Pong Table weighs 23 lbs (without the beer)

(Sorry, beer is not included in the price of the rental.)

Beer Pong Table Power Requirements:

No power is required just a steady hand and solid aim.

We can even customize the backdrop or table of the Beer Pong with your Corporate logo or custom graphics. Let our team of artists and designers take your idea from concept to final product.

With over two decades of experience, we can create the perfect promotional game for your next show, conference, event or party. The games AGR Las Vegas offers have been played by millions nationwide. With our knowledge and creative edge, we can help you reach more people while your company profits.

Everything from simply placing your logo on a game up to and including a fully personalized game project.

We can always customize pool tables or casino games with your favorite photos or logos on the felts.

Would you like a personalized game? Just ask AGR Las Vegas to personalize the Whac-A-Mole “Moles” to reflect your organization. You will enjoy seeing your corporate logo or product on your custom-designed Whac-A-Mole rental at your next event.

If you can conceive it, we can probably do it.

All of us at AGR Las Vegas are amusement and event game enthusiasts who would love to help you find just the right amusement game rental for your event.  Please call us at 702.388.4263 to answer any additional questions or to book your Beer Pong tables today!

So whether your amusement game rentals are in Carson City, Nevada, need event rentals in San Diego, California, games for rent in Salt Lake City, Utah, or need trade show rentals in Flagstaff, Arizona we can be wherever you need us across the United States.

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